Guaranteed Investments |Prime Time Plus Club

Join SBCP's Alex Pudlo, a Trust Officer for the State Bank of Cross Plains.  He holds the Certified Financial Planner CFP® and Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC® designations. His time is spent educating and assisting people with complex financial situations by offering customized solutions that allow them to make informed decisions that will teach us how to analyze a guaranteed investments.

In times of market turmoil, a guaranteed investment can sound like a very attractive idea.  However, talking about a guaranteed investment is like talking about a “fish” because it can come in many different varieties and may or may not be what you expected.  Are we talking about goldfish or sharks, salmon or walleye?  It makes a tremendous difference! During this presentation, we will talk about the different types of guarantees that are available and discuss the pros, cons, and appropriate applications of these instruments.  We will look at these objectively with the purpose of helping you to make thoughtful and educated decisions.